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Vegetable Gardens



Growing your own fruits and veggies seems like an insanely difficult thing to do, you would love to do it but don’t even know where to start, and will it be worth the time and effort that goes into having one. It doesn’t matter if you have acres of land or only a small backyard, you can easily grow your very own vegetable garden, and it is totally worth your time and effort.


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What is Composting and Why Should You Do it?


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You have a pretty good garden going on in your backyard, but you feel like you should be doing more to make your plants healthier. You’ve heard about composting but you aren’t sure what it is exactly.

Compost is simply decomposed organic matter, it is a natural process of recycling materials such as vegetable and fruit scraps, leaves and grass clippings, and turning them into nutrient rich soil for your garden. There are lots of things you can use for composting such as coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit peels, hay, straw, pine needles, newspaper, saw dust, and old plants from your garden.


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Why Should You Plant a Tree?


www.treeservicesanclemente.comYou see those big green things in your yard everyday, but do you realize that mother nature created them for so many specific reasons, ranging from environmental to ornamental and everything in between.

Trees have a powerful effect on our air quality, they absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide and release oxygen back in the air, one tree provides about 260 pounds of oxygen a year, pretty impressive.

Trees provide food for us such as apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. A typical apple tree can provide 15-20 bushels of apples a year, that’s lots of snacks for the kids and plenty of apple pies for you.


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Landscape and Lighting


You are finally coming home from a long day at work. You pull into your driveway, turn off your lights and gather your things from your car. It’s fall now, so it’s dark out, and you start to make your way to the front door. You just tripped over something, almost falling to the ground, you try to get a look at the culprit but you can barely make it out. Is it a toy, or is it the morning paper?

Landscape Lighting Tree Service San ClementeAll you know is it’s time to get some lights in your front yard, and hey, you just finished re-vamping your backyard so you might as well put some back there too.

There’s a lot to consider when lighting up your yard, maybe you should hire a professional, I mean bringing out your lamp from Target isn’t the answer. A lighting expert can get the whole thing done for you probably more quickly and easily than you can. Your Professional Landscaper will have some good contacts on hand for you, they know exactly what would work best for your yard and how to maximize the lighting to make everything look fantastic. I mean remember the Oprah Winfrey show? Rumor had it that she had the best lighting experts on hand to make sure everyone looked their absolute best on her show, not to mention herself. So why can’t you have the best lighting for your home and yard? You can.

First step is determining what your needs are, are you wanting to light a path to your front door so the trick or treaters don’t end up in a pile on your doorstep? Placing lights around garden beds and near bushes or plants will not only give your yard some much needed light, but it will accentuate your lovely garden you just spent a small fortune building.

What about your backyard, do you like to entertain back there, do you have a pool and need to see when the kids are back there swimming after dinner? Installing lights out back can completely change up your next dinner party or romantic dinner for two. You know you’ve read the latest HGTV magazine and saw a fabulous backyard with twinkling lights hanging on a trellis and thought it would look amazing in your backyard. Lighting up your palm trees is also a great way to show off your warm weather trees and get some light going in the back of your yard since your kids are too scared to get their ball that drifted into the darkness.

Thanks to new technology, lighting your yard is much faster, easier and cheaper than ever before. Experts are using low-voltage systems that are easy to install, they can be done in a day, and use less energy than the older higher voltage systems, many operate with LED lights. You can also easily move the lights when you need to since they only need a 6-inch deep channel. Make sure you hire a professional so you know you are getting the right size transformer and the right ground fault circuit interrupters so your kids don’t get electrocuted when the rainy season starts.

Check out Tree Service and Landscaping Service in San Clemente, and   get yourself some outdoor lighting.  You may want to renovate your landscaping or get your trees trimmed before you throw that spectacular cookout that will put Martha Stewart to shame!


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How To Plant a Tree



I am not sure if you have seen the movie the Lorax or if you  have read the book, but there is a great message about  cutting down trees and caring for them.

At the end of the book the Once-Ler gives the little boy a  Truffula seed and tells him to plant it, treat it with care, give  it clean water and fresh air.. protect it from axes.



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What is Eco-Friendly Landscaping And Why You Should Be Doing It


treeservicesanclemente1You consider yourself pretty hip, you recycle, you use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, and you get the whole Eco-Friendly thing. But did you know that eco-friendly landscaping was a thing now?

It is gaining popularity, especially on the west coast where the water supply is in jeopardy. California is going through a wicked drought.  They are actually paying people to put in turf.  How sad is that? Plastic grass?! Really hope El nino comes through. But, I digress.

The idea behind eco-friendly landscaping is to minimize resources and waste. Here are some small changes you can make in your garden paradise to make the switch to the eco side.

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