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What is Eco-Friendly Landscaping And Why You Should Be Doing It


treeservicesanclemente1You consider yourself pretty hip, you recycle, you use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, and you get the whole Eco-Friendly thing. But did you know that eco-friendly landscaping was a thing now?

It is gaining popularity, especially on the west coast where the water supply is in jeopardy. California is going through a wicked drought.  They are actually paying people to put in turf.  How sad is that? Plastic grass?! Really hope El nino comes through. But, I digress.

The idea behind eco-friendly landscaping is to minimize resources and waste. Here are some small changes you can make in your garden paradise to make the switch to the eco side.

Talk to your professional landscaper about adding or replacing existing plants to native plants to your region. They are more resistant to diseases and pests thus reducing your need for pesticides, which we all know is a no-no in the eco-friendly world. Believe it or not, there are actually insect resistant plants out there that will keep those unwanted critters away naturally.

You can take away some of your unused water guzzling lawn space and plant low maintenance plants or an eco-friendly patio using sustainable untreated wood. There are many varieties of plants that do not need lots of water to survive and flourish.

Plant deciduous shade trees in specific areas of your yard to help reduce energy use. In the summer when the tree is in full bloom it will help bring shade to your home by reducing the amount of heat blaring through your living room windows. In the fall when the leaves fall off the tree, it allows sunlight to shine through your living room windows to heat things up naturally.

One of the biggest eco-friendly issues is the use of water, and the principle is to treat water as a valuable resource. So what can you do to conserve this resource and still have a beautiful, landscaped yard? First, you can bring in the barrels and collect that rainwater, re-use that resource as long as you can. Secondly, Drip Irrigation Systems water the plants directly and are 90% efficient, as opposed to traditional sprinkler systems that are only 50-70% efficient.

Now that you know about eco-friendly landscaping, you have something to talk about with your Prius driving next-door neighbor.

Come back soon to see what is in store for the next article about tree service and landscape services.

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