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Why Should You Plant a Tree?


www.treeservicesanclemente.comYou see those big green things in your yard everyday, but do you realize that mother nature created them for so many specific reasons, ranging from environmental to ornamental and everything in between.

Trees have a powerful effect on our air quality, they absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide and release oxygen back in the air, one tree provides about 260 pounds of oxygen a year, pretty impressive.

Trees provide food for us such as apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. A typical apple tree can provide 15-20 bushels of apples a year, that’s lots of snacks for the kids and plenty of apple pies for you.

Trees help conserve energy by blocking out sunlight in the summer just by planting a few trees in the right place around your home can cut your air conditioning costs. Same goes for your heating bill, when the leaves fall off the trees it lets in the sunlight to help warm your home. You could also get a break on your water bill thanks to trees that shade your grass because the shade slows down water from evaporating on your lawn.

They help prevent water pollution by reducing runoff water into waterways. When it rains water flows down the trunks into the ground, and when there is mulch around the base of the trees the mulch acts like a sponge that absorbs the water instead of allowing the water to run off like it does with most compacted soil. Trees can also hold a good amount of water that would normally run into neighborhoods and towns, making a natural stormwater management system.

Trees provide beauty to your home and yard and can increase your property value by as much as 15 percent. That’s not a bad return for investing in a bunch of trees.

Since your kids are always playing outside in the summer, it’s good to have lots of trees around where they play, they help reduce UV-B exposure by 50 percent keeping sunburns at bay.

They can block out ugly things such as walls, fences, and your crazy neighbors yard. You like your privacy and that’s what trees will provide for you when you live in a cramped neighborhood full of houses. They also absorb and block out noise by almost 40 percent so they will help block out some of your crazy neighbors noises too.

Trees help create jobs, professional landscape companies are everywhere in the U.S and many people use them to create and maintain their beautiful yards. People also pay to see trees by visiting national forests. There are 155 national forests in the United States and people are flocking to them by the bus load. They provide thousands of miles of trails to hike and bike through, thousands of campgrounds to camp in, not to mention home to hundreds of lakes and rivers to boat and swim in. They also provide water to 123 million people in the U.S and collectively filters out a tremendous amount of pollution and gives us clean air to breathe. Very impressive for those tall green things.

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